Detection Systems

Total Front Protect

An eight sensor ultrasonic analogue detection system. One display for the left bank of four sensors positioned on the left hand A pillar (Positioned to attract the driver’s attention towards the area of hazard). One display for the right bank of four sensors positioned on the right hand A pillar. The system is configured to be ON with the ignition ON. The handbrake inhibit is not connected so the system remains live at all times. The system is programmed to only operate at speeds below 10Mph. Clear easily understood display utilising a traffic light style.

Corner Protect

The Corner Protect system turns on when the ignition is turned on and when the vehicle slows to below 10 Mph, the system is activated. Whilst activated and the vehicle approaches within 600mm of an obstacle, the green display light will illuminate. Then, as the vehicle approaches within 450mm of an obstacle the amber display light will illuminate. Following this as the vehicle approaches within 300mm of an obstacle, the display will give a constant audible tone and will illuminate the red, amber and green display light to indicate that the object is close enough to cause damage.

Side Detect & Turn Left Warning

The Side Detect system with turn left warning is a modern detection system using ultrasonic technology specifically designed for commercial vans, HGV’s and Lorries. When the vehicle slows to 10 Mph, and the left indicator is turned on, the system is activated and monitors the nearside of the vehicle out to a distance of 800mm while announcing one external spoken message “Warning, vehicle turning left”. If a cyclist or object is detected, it then warns the driver visually through our traffic light display and then finally with an audible tone as the distance between the cyclist and the side of the vehicle decreases to less than 400mm. The external voice siren will repeat the warning message for as long as the cyclist or object is being detected. The system is designed to offer the driver an awareness of any pedestrians or objects whilst turning left and that the driver should still use caution when performing the manoeuvre.

Rear Detect

The Rear Detect system is completely independent of the cab as the entire system is installed at the back of the truck or trailer and is powered by the reverse light. This is ideal for fleet operators that use a drop-off pick-up system or that use trailers or contractors as the system always works irrespectively. The Rigid or Trailer has four ultrasonic sensor eyes fitted into the rear bumper. The visual LED displays are built into both the rubber stalk mounted Marker Lights that are located on the rear side corners of the vehicle. The two Marker Lights are independent of the system and work as normal Marker Lights with white LED lights facing forward and Red LED lights facing towards the rear. When reverse is selected, the system is powered by the reverse light power supply, which switches the system on. As the vehicle reverses, any object that is detected 2.5m from the rear of the vehicle, will make the four ultra-bright LEDs in both the Marker Lights start to flash amber slowly. The driver can see the Marker Lights in either wing mirror. As the vehicle gets closer to the object the flash rate increases to further warn the driver to slow down and take care. When the object is approximately 45cm from the rear of the vehicle the flash rate goes constant warning the driver to stop.

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